An Open Letter to CRM And Social Media People

Shomilin: RT @socialmedia2day: An Open Letter to CRM And Social Media People

La nota: 

Over the past few months (and perhaps more so over the past few weeks) I’ve noticed a growing tension between the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the social media folks.  In some instances this has led to direct name calling in public mediums –  which is rather unfortunate.  The advent or evolution of CRM into Social CRM is merging disciplines together; chiefly CRM and social media, this is causing a bit of a clash between the two camps (in my opinion).  Bickering, arguing, name calling, and ignoring one another isn’t going to help anyone.  Many of you might disagree with what I say and some of you might leave me angry comments in the comments section.  I know if I don’t say this nobody else will…

To the social media people:

I understand that you are passionate about social media and have a lot of great ideas on how to do things.  However, it’s very important to understand that CRM is an integral part of how many businesses function and acquire and retain customers.  If you were to ask me 2 years ago I’d tell you I was a social media guy (today I’d like to say I’m somewhere in between).  I’ve developed global social media strategies, presented executive training sessions, spoke at conference, etc.  But I was not at all involved with CRM.  Over the past year I have tried to get as much involved with CRM as I possibly could.  Both from a practical and theoretical standpoint.  There’s A LOT more learning that needs to take place but I can say that what I’ve learned so far about CRM has dramatically improved my understanding of how organizations work and how a social “anything” needs to fit within an organization.  Without an understanding of CRM I truly believe that many social media efforts are from from being up to par.

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